About Us: Stone with a tale tell

We have a love story to tell you

Rocco and palma—my grandparents

My nonno Rocco was born in 1881. He was a man of small stature but determined and with a strong will.

Rocco was an accomplished mason. Because of a serious crisis he has experienced when he was young he decided to move overseas for a better future for himself and his family. 

He traveled with  cardboard luggage full of dreams and hopes to New York. 

With hard work and perseverance Rocco saved money and after some years returned to his bevoled wife Palma.

He then started building the house that now will be your home. Once the house was finished Rocco felt he could finally dedicate himself to my grandmother . . . and . . . after a few years, we arrived!

Lucky enough to be raised in these green valleys, surrounded by  stunning scenery and majestic mountains, we decided to start a family company inspired by our grandfather Rocco. We wish to pass down  our family traditions and our love of this amazing land.

We started with a small restaurant featuring products directly cultivated on our own land and using our mother´s recipes. We have worked really hard and the results have been incredibly positive.

Five years ago we decided to renovate our grandfather Rocco´s house so that guests can experience our family’s life style. The restoration work was done with complete accuracy and  re-using the same materials Nonno Rocco used to build the original house.

The results are stunning! Our guests are amazed by the rennovation work. We have been able to bring back to life a piece of our Italian family history and now we want to share it with you.