Your Italian Experience with our family
Enjoy Italian culture

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Where are we?

Located between Rome and Naples, we are one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Immersed in greenery and surrounded by a landscape rich in water.

Our village is located on the top of mountain, for this extraordinary position, the Borgo is know as the balcony of Ciociaria, from our valley you can see all the lands and small villages nearby.

Come, look at the mountains, discover our place and experience this incredible scenario with us.

Life at our holiday house

Discover true italian culture thanks to our desire to share the healthy, ancient traditions of our family.

Day one

Discover our land with us. We will guide you to our small village.

Day two

Olive oil, how do we make it so good? Come with us and discover it!

Day three

Learn the secret of our homemade pasta.

Day four

Have you ever been in the mountains with a shepherd family? We don’t think so…

Day five

Do you need the sea? We’ve thought of that, too…
We’ll take you to one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

Day six

Share with us our weekly date and discover the little secrets of our Mediterranean cuisine

Day seven

It’s time to cheers!
But first… would you like to find out how one of Italy’s best wines is made?

100% of our guests have been charmed and thrilled by this experience

The most beautiful experience that I've ever had...

I have travelled to many places around the world which can get a bit lonely and you begin to feel like a tourist. But not at "Il Ruspante." I felt so relaxed and healthy from all the great food and genuine care and love from the people there. I'm so grateful that we ventured out and found this place that we now call our second home.
Your Italian Experience
Elizabeth Dressel